Etrade fixed the problem again...

...but they still have not contacted me to let me know.

Basically, the minimum investment amounts for some mutual funds was not correct in their online interface.

More importantly, no one has explained to me what happened and why it happened. So I have no way of knowing if it is likely to happen again.

Perhaps they are too busy ending the program that reimbursed 12b-1 mutual fund fees.

Or maybe they are distracted by all the talk with Ameritrade about the possible "same-sector" marriage they are contemplating.

Regardless, I reported the issue in mid July and then again on August 7th. It was fixed around August 10th. But I have not heard it was or if I should expect that it will remain fixed. So I'll have to hope that next time I want to add to one of the funds I invested in, I will be able to...

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