Keeping an eye on the Musicians' Village in New Orleans

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be part of a team from Berklee College of Music that traveled to New Orleans to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity to help build a Musicians' Village.

I wanted to track the progress of the Musicians' village and the surrounding area so I took some screen shots of the area we were working in from Google Maps and from Zillow.

These sites update their satellite images infrequently so the last shots they have do not even show the houses that were already built when we were there. When they update their images, I'll zoom in and report back.

It will be interesting to track Zillow in particular as this site tracks home value information. I am not sure how much info they will gather on the Ninth Ward but I hope they track data from this area and I hope the value there grows!

Click here for the Google Maps View of where we worked in New Orleans!

This row of houses...

...are on the block indicated below:

Click here for a view of a nearby house in zillow.com.

The houses we worked on at the end of our week...

...are here:

The large cleared area is fast filling up with homes. Note the house showing $0. Directly across the street in the image, there is only grass, but there are already dozens of homes there worth a lot more than $0!

Here is a view from the middle of the field, back in June.


Chad haynes said...

I don't like Zillow... to Microsoft big corporate for me. Supposedly all these guys update their housing info about once a month...

Try using HouseFront and see if they have the info. i use them for property information, and i can search on my cell.

I'll be interested to see how this progresses!

Wyliemoney said...

I had not heard of HouseFront. It has no house info for around the ninth ward either, but its picks are better than zillow's. For my house near Boston, it had info but it has the location of my house off by like 4 houses which is not a good sign since I live in a big city.

looks very similar to zillow and it gives my house a higher value- gotta like that! I will check it out in greater detail. Cell phone feature sounds cool.

HouseFront also shows that I have a Basement Garage which is news to me! I should go home and look for it!

Thanks for pointing this one out. It looks like there are several similar sites out there- hopefully a few good ones will survive the competition.