This site is intended to Entertain, Educate and Enlighten. It is not intended to Advise, Authorize or Admonish.

I perform wacky financial experiments, share my convoluted experiences, and ramble on a good bit. Some of the investment ideas I explore involve hypothetical portfolios I track. Other ideas I dive into reference my own experiences. Just because something has worked for me in the past does not mean it will work for you or me in the future.

I am not a financial planner certified or otherwise.

My hope is that by exploring topics regarding saving, investing and managing money, you and I can both learn a little more than we knew before. I am by no means an expert and anything you read about on this site (or any other for that matter!), you would do well to confirm on your own before assuming, I got it right!

You and only you can make decisions, financial or otherwise, that are right for you.

I wish you all the best investing and managing your finances!


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