What happened Friday?

Beats me! One guess would be that a lot of active traders did not want to go into the weekend holding long positions, assessing that the risk of more bad news- relating to credit liquidity, commodity prices, the value of the dollar, etc. could have cropped up over the weekend and sent the markets down even further today.

Well, Friday would have been the perfect day to add to the WylieMoney slowly portfolio, but I missed out on it. If I do not note that I want to invest in a mutual fund by 3:30 give or take, so I could actually place the order to buy through a brokerage, then I do not add it to my hypothetical portfolio. Since I work a day job, I am not always in a place I can see where the market is heading and take a break for a few minutes to note the decision.

I don't sweat the details though. If this style of investing is not easy and low maintenance, then it is not serving its purpose.

Today looks like an up day, so I will continue to wait to add JAGIX to WylieMoney Slowly.

I'm actually on the ferry back from Martha's Vineyard right now- had a wonderful long weekend with some friends!

In the coming weeks I have a lot of research to do as some folks over at the Morningstar.com discussion boards have been looking at my little experiment here and pointing out some issues, making recommendations and asking great questions.

I'm also thinking about putting the portfolio updates on a regular schedule. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I'll probably make it a Friday feature.

More soon!

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