New Orleans Satellite Photo!

I wrote a note on Zillow's blog and got some feedback about the New Orleans pictures on their site. Here is my earlier post about what I was looking for.

They noted the company that provides their imagery so I went to their site and dug around a bit and found a more recent image:

Compare the image above with the older one I took from Google maps- all the houses on the big field in the middle are part of the Musicians' Village.

The houses we worked on are not visible on these images, but over time, they will show up.

So I will try and get a post up soon about why I am loving the market these days. The 2 second summary is that when the market goes down for reasons largely unrelated to the earnings of the vast majority of the individual companies that make up 'the markets' this screams -to me at least... buy!

So I did. And I bought into the fund I was unable to add to in small amounts through Etrade, because Etrade fixed my problem. Strangely enough, they have yet to let me know. I just stumbled across it, when I went to buy some funds.

Finally, a WylieMoney fan asked for specifics about 0% credit cards with no balance transfer fees. It just so happens, I need one myself so I will be doing some research on that as well.

More soon!


Tom said...

That's pretty cool! I've been curious to see how New Orleans has been recovering. As we know, the news only likes to show negative stuff, so anything positive happening won't be seen :(

Wyliemoney said...

There is definitely a lot of bad press, but there is an awful lot of bad stuff going on, so it does not surprise me that in regards to New Orleans at least, the perception is all bad.

But there is good press too- and not just bloggers like me:

My local paper ran a story on our trip:


And I may be doing a brief radio interview- with Andre Trevigne who is a New Orleans radio personality. If you listen to her shows, which you can do online, she reports on both the positive and the negative.