Etrade, what is wrong with you?

Not again!!!!!!

The great thing about No-Load No Transaction fee Mutual Funds is that you can invest in them over and over again without wasting money on fees. But this only works when you can invest the amounts advertised!!!!!

Here is the minimum in your web interface for your AIP:

Etrade, either you've got it wrong or Morningstar does.

And you fixed this just a month ago. So that's twice now that I've tried to invest and been unable to do so because of issues with your web site.

This is getting a little frustrating.

I called two weeks ago and left another message with the person who I talked to before, because I still have been unable to get someone to answer the phone directly at the Boston Branch. I have yet to hear back. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

This is a M* problem. If you go to the fund website, the minimum matches E*TRADES's $1,000.

Good luck getting M* to make changes. I did the same thing years ago and the response from M* was that they had some many data points to manage that they couldn't make adjustments that individuals submitted on a timely basis. What??

Wyliemoney said...

Hmmm. Do you have a link? When I go to http://www.wilfunds.com/ and download the Prospectus, I see this:

Investment Class Shares. The minimum initial investment in each Style Portfolio is $2,500, or $1,000 if you are a client of a securities dealer, bank or other financial institution which has made an aggregate minimum initial purchase for its customers of at least $2,500. The minimum initial investment in the Index Portfolio is $1,000. Subsequent investments for all Portfolios must be at least $100. The minimum investments do not apply to certain employee benefit plans.

And the application itself says:

($2,500 initial investment, investment, $100 subsequent investment)