Poll: Is now a good time to invest?

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Ben Stein's view gave me a chuckle...
...the stock market is cheap on a price-earnings basis, profits are fabulous, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Giuliani are far from being socialists and in the long run, both here and abroad, stocks are a lovely place to be. I have no idea what the S&P will be ten days from now, but I am confident it will be a lot higher ten years from now, and for most Americans, that's what we need to think about. The subprime and private equity and hedge fund dogs may bark, but the stock market caravan moves on.
Of course my poll does not include anything you would actually want to consider when investing. Things like:
  • how long can you leave your investments alone?
  • what is your risk tolerance?
  • ummm, invest in what?
  • etc
But that's ok, its only a poll on a blog!

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