Etrade fixes minimum investing in mutual fund issue

So before I left town for a while, I was trying to resolve an issue with my Etrade account. My man Justin got back to me and the issue was resolved, but I took a break from posting about financial matters while I was on the road. I did update the message in the upper right corner of this site to indicate that the issue was fixed though, so it would not look like Etrade was not following up!

Basically, the minimum additional purchases for two mutual funds I own were not allowing any additional investments under $1000 each. Morningstar listed the minimum additional investments for an automatic investment plan purchase as $100. When Justin called me up and left a message it should be fixed, I went into the 'Automatic Investment Setup' screen and could see the new $100 minimum amounts showing.

Now that July has rolled around, I will wait for the first down day on the market and try and add $100 each to these funds and see if it lets me.

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