Why we save...

Back when I first started putting together list of tips for living below your means, a wylie reader commented to me that one way to save money was to not give to your local public radio station.

While I must give props for factuality- you will have more money in savings if you do not give any of it away- I must take the props away because this suggestion is evil.

And by evil I mean 'not good.'

I do not mean to suggest that it is evil to not give to public radio. This tip was inspired by marketing almost as annoying as a head on commercial. And bad marketing is worthy of lengthy criticism. Whether or not you give to public radio specifically is up to you. Whether or not you give at all is a different issue altogether.

MFJ over at myfinancialjourney wrote a very nice post about the fine line of frugality- specifically in regards to giving. And whether or not you have- or think you have- enough money to give some away, you also have time, sweat, and support that you can give.

So I would be ok with suggesting that one way to save is to find a charity you want to support and volunteer if you cannot afford to give cash. But if you can afford to give money, where should you give?

Beats me- that is up to you.

But I am going to list some organizations my wife and I have given to and invite you to share ideas too. If you have suggestions please add a comment on this post or send me an email at wyliemoney at gmail dot com and I will add them to this list.

Health/Quality of Life
Arts and Entertainment
Hunger and Housing
Disaster Relief


Sean said...

Some I have given to (or plan to):

Ruby Central
Independent Film Festival of Boston
Heifer International (As one friend said, there's something odd about donating chicks and goats from your living room while sipping on chai.)

And, of course, don't forget your local Goodwill. We had a yard sale last year, and the rule was that if it left the house to be sold, it wasn't coming back in. Everything was packed up and donated. We ended up with a huge tax deduction.

trombadude said...

Can I have another shout out for "The Tony G memoiral fund"?

Jouissance said...

Thanks Sean!

trombadude, I am glad that my post has inspired you to think about starting a charity. I'm confused about your mission. In the other comment you mentioned needing help with your thirst. I just signed up for the Walk for Hunger. I could see the Tony G "Sit for Thirst" event which would entail people donating to support you sitting and drinking. But I fear that would indeed led to donations to the Tony G memorial fund sooner than later and that makes Wylie sad.

Having fun in Bama?