Next WylieMoney Pick: Harbor International HIINX

The next fund I will add to the "WylieMoney Slowly" portfolio is a Foreign Large Cap Value fund. I have hypothetically invested $2500 in one fund per month since I started this experiment last May.

Click on the image below for a larger view.

The 12th category I picked for the original WylieMoney Portfolio was Foreign Large Value so it is the 12th fund I will add 'slowly.' And as I do each month, I look to Etrade to see if a better option than I originally picked, HIINX Harbor Intl My Post, is available.

I'll save you some suspense. HIINX is still the best.

Lowest Turnover Ratio by a lot meaning likely lower Capital Gains distributions, which is key to keeping taxes low in a taxable account.

Tied with two additional options for the highest star rating- 4 in this case. Not the lowest Expense Ratio, but not the highest. Longest Manager Tenure meaning that performance was achieved with the folks currently in charge.

And what a performance it has been. Only one other fund has come close to its three year performance and that fund has higher expenses and almost three times the turnover.

So on the first day in April that markets tank, I'll add HIINX, Harbor International to the WylieMoney Slowly portfolio.

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