Etrade and Taxes

Last year, Etrade had alerts all over its interface and sent me notices that I may receive updated tax info, after I received my original 1099 form. I was grateful since I knew to wait to file my taxes or risk needing to refile.

This year, there were no alerts and no messages.

I assumed Etrade had updated its business processes from last year to catch up with changing regulations and was prepared to get accurate tax information to me on time.

I even read blog posts that other brokerages were warning their customers that they may get amended 1099 statements. I was pleased that Etrade was more on the ball than these other brokerages.

Boy was I wrong.

Etrade backtracked big time. On Saturday, March 1st , I got an amended 1099. I got an amended tax form in March.

As I wrote before, I don't mind that with ridiculously complicated regulations, amended forms are necessary. I'm disappointed in my government that we have overly complicated regulations in how real estate investments are taxed, but vastly inadequate regulations in how those investments are made.

Anyway- Etrade could have put the same message up that it did last year but they did not. They could have emailed me as a customer with real estate investments and foriegn investments that I may receive an amended tax form but they did not.

The good news is that I have not filed my taxes yet and I was able to sign into my turbotax account and re-download my statement from Etrade and see the information and all the impacts automatically updated. What I owe in state taxes went up almost 100%. Fortunately the increase in my federal refund went up more than enough to cover the difference.

Shame on you Etrade for not communicating what you communicated last year. You even included a document with the amended statement with a form dated 1/08 called "Enclosed is your amended Consolidated Form 1099." If you knew in 1/08 that you needed a form for your customers, why not let us know?

Shame on me for assuming Etrade was on the ball.

Kudos to me (maybe my unconscious) for waiting to file my taxes even though I had already done them.

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Anonymous said...

etrade is about to be hit with a class action lawsuit by its customers for illegally freezing their accounts