Janus Overseas Next Mutual Fund for the WylieMoney Portfolio

I have been adding a new mutual fund each month to "WylieMoney Slowly," one of the portfolios I track. This month I wanted to add a Foreign- Small/Mid Growth fund. The fund I picked for the original "WylieMoney 20 Mostly Managed Portfolio" (ACFFX Columbia Acorn Intl Sel My Post) is now closed so I cannot "hypoethitcally" invest in it.

It turns out Etrade has no other funds with a $2500 minimum initial investment in this category. So I checked for a Foreign- Small/Mid Value Fund and found none.

Truth is, this is not the easiest category to invest in. For the "Lazy 20 Mostly Index Portfolio", this category is one of the few that had no index option. And the fund I picked for it (Foreign Small Growth - VINEX Vanguard Intl Explorer), is also closed to new investors.

So my pick for this month will be Foreign- Large Growth fund and the option is clear:

JAOSX Janus Overseas My Post

Janus Overseas is hotter than the hottest hotness. More important, it has low fees and low turnover.

So the next day the markets get pummeled, I'll add JAOSX to the WylieMoney Slowly portfolio.

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