Portfolio Update 10/24/08: History Repeats Itself

In the markets and in my fund portfolios, his week looks like last week and this year looks like other really bad years. History repeats itself.

Yea, that's a bizarre video. Love that song though...

Many will claim that the details are different this time, but there was enough repeating for the experts to see this coming.

This Week, the WylieMoney Slowly Portfolio was surpassed by the Three Fund Index and is now tied with the Lazy 20 Portfolio.

My brokerage and IRA accounts sit soundly at the bottom of the mix. They are not made of the same categories as the other portfolios, so it is not unexpected that they would not track the performance of the others, but it is still disappointing to see them lag. All the diversified portfolios are still beating the S&P 500 Index since May 1st, 2007, but not by much (not for long???).

WylieMoney Slowly

ETF 20

Three Fund Portfolio

Lazy 20 Mostly Index

WylieMoney Slowly

S&P 500

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