Fund of the Week: JASBX Janus Short Term Bond

Out of the 91 funds I track in the portfolios in my experiment, not one escaped the week without a loss. The fund that came closest to avoiding the bloodbath was JASBX Janus Short Term Bond Fund down only -0.31%. The other 9 funds in the top 10 were also bond funds, for the second week in a row.

The biggest loser was once again PNRZX Jennison Natural Resources. Its staggering loss of 26.5% for the week surpassed the astonishing loss of 20% last week. Not surprisingly, this fund is down more than any other fund I track for the year as well with a 55% loss. So how can this be a 5 star fund? It is worth noting that its 10 year annualied return remains over 20%.

Finance Funds, Emerging Markets and Value funds fill out the bottom 10.

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