Fund of the Week: BRSIX Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company

For the second week in a row, small cap stocks are gaining ground. Some believe that in an economic turnaround, small cap stocks will lead the way. Does that mean we've hit bottom? No- it might mean a number of people believe that we have and are buying small cap stocks.

If so, maybe they're right. Then again, maybe not.

The best fund performance of all the funds I track was BRSIX Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company a fund I hold in my brokerage. With the exception of JAGLX Janus Global Life Science, the number one fund last week, and Janus Overseas, the remaining top 10 funds were all small cap funds.

The biggest loser was PNRZX Jennison Natural Resources, also a fund I hold in my brokerage, with the energy funds from other portfolios rounding out the bottom.

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