Portfolio Update 7/25/08: Heavy Cloud No Rain

Despite an ugly decline on Thursday, the mutual fund portfolios I track posted only small declines for the week. I guess it was all Heavy Cloud, No Rain in the end.

And with the addition of JMCVX Janus Mid Cap Value fund to the WylieMoney Slowly Portfolio, the total % return for that portfolio improved over the Lazy 20 Mostly Index portfolio pushing the Lazy 20 back into 4th place.

The portfolio of ETFs is still posting terrible returns since I hypothetically invested, despite the best year to date performance of any of the portfolios.

Hopefully the markets will turn around so we can make some money so we can pay taxes on that money so we can help all the people who bought more house than they can afford stay in their houses and avoid having to downsize to something more reasonable.

WylieMoney 20 Mostly Managed

WylieMoney Slowly

Lazy 20 Mostly Index

Three Fund Index

ETF 20

S&P 500

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