Next WylieMoney Slowly Fund: Mid Cap Value

When I first researched no load no transaction fee mid cap mutual funds available through Etrade for less than $2500 initially, allowing $100 subsequent investments, I chose MRVEX Marshall Mid-Cap Value My Post.

I personally own Janus Mid Cap Value Inv JMCVX but Etrade had it incorrectly posted as closed to new investors at the time.

Well they've updated their site, and I'm updating my pick.

The first two funds listed do not have long enough track records and are not doing well recently. The other two non-Janus funds have higher expense ratios. Heartland Select HRSVX has a slightly higher 3 year return, but Janus Mid Cap Value is holding up much better in this down market.

Heartland has been around for half as long as Janus and has 25% of its assets in its top 10 picks compared with 15% for Janus meaning it has a bigger stake in fewer bets.

Janus has a higher turnover ratio which could result in higher taxes and transaction fees within the fund (as the fund manager buys and sells positions).

But lower expenses, a proven track record, and serious out performance in the recent decline make Janus Mid Cap Value JMCVX my pick and I'll add it to the WylieMoney Slowly portfolio the next day the market tanks.

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