Government passes law to steal from citizens

So like I predicted, I got four tax statements from my brokerage account.

What a pain.

I received two statements because my old brokerage was swallowed up by my new brokerage and I got two more statements supposedly because recent changes in tax law have made it so difficult for companies to figure out how to report their profits that it takes over two months just to do the math.

That's right- I got home from work- after spending my day doing my part to keep the GDP strong while markets around the globe writhe in agony- to find two updated tax statements.

Thankfully, Etrade had alerts on its site indicating that this would happen so I avoided filing taxes only to have to refile.

And yes- the title of this post is a bit of a stretch, but here is my thinking:

The government has passed regulations so complicated that it now takes much longer to run the numbers so many investors find it more difficult to file taxes until much later meaning...

The government gets to keep my tax withholdings for longer. Since I am not being paid interest on this, this money can be put to use, grown, used as green wallpaper, whatever.

So rather than raise taxes- politicians should just continue to make regulations more and more difficult so that the government can hold tax payments for longer periods, collecting the interest on my money.

Wait a minute you say- Wylie does not usually rant and rave and spin conspiracy theories... Well I just picked a bond fund which is pretty boring, so I'm trying to be more... lively.

Plus, even the folks in Hawaii are agitated about this one.


David Jones said...

You should take a lead from Jonesy and write a letter. I still haven't checked my portfolio since last Tuesday.

An acceptance letter to BU was received today.

Jouissance said...

Who did Jonesy write?

Do not look at your portfolio.

When are you moving to Boston?