Portfolio Update 2/8/08: The Portfolio Shuffle

With all the recent swings in markets around the world across all sectors, the portfolios I track have not performed evenly.

Last week I noted that Real Estate was up for the year. Well that did not last. The managed and index real estate funds I track where all down over 7% last week. And BXP Boston Properties was down over 9% for the week. Click on the portfolios below to see for yourself.

Since I added a fund to the WylieMoney Slowly account, it's total loss since May 1st was reduced and it now sits in second place.

You'll also note that my Roth IRA had a tough week and is really struggling year to date.

Almost 20% of my Roth IRA is invested in SPY which is in last place as a portfolio in the experiment so that explains some of the lag. BXP being the third largest holding is another reason for the recent drop. The forth largest holding is DVY which is down over 13% since last May. Much of that is due to banks trying to profit off people with poor credit reaching for a version of the American dream they can't afford. DVY invests in Dividend paying blue chip companies.

Blue Chip. I wonder what that means exactly...

Long term I feel fine about these funds for an IRA. I made my 2006 contribution but have yet to invest it and I am tempted to add financial services as a category because they have been beaten down and the core business there- to help people and businesses manage money and leverage debt to do things- is solid and will be profitable both for honest and fortunate institutions and honest and fortunate people with solid ideas and dreams who leverage them.

Anyway here are the details on my Roth IRA:

What continues to surprise me is that the portfolio of 20 funds I picked remains in first place and had the best week of all the portfolios.

What is actually more surprising is that the Three Fund Index portfolio, which does not have 1/20% stake in Real Estate has fallen off a cliff anyway and now lags the Lazy 20 Mostly Index portfolio. For a long time it was nipping at the heels of the Mostly Managed portfolios I picked, but this year it is the worst performing diversified portfolio.

WylieMoney 20 Mostly Managed

WylieMoney Slowly

Lazy 20 Mostly Index

Three Fund Index

ETF 20

S&P 500

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