Deposit Your Checks at Home with a Scanner!

When I was researching a new bank account, one of the features I heard about from a friend whose bank offers it, is the ability to scan a check for deposit on a home computer.

I have been banking online since 1999 and when I first signed up with Citibank, they sent me free- prepaid envelopes for deposits. It took time for the check to go through the mail, but this worked fine for me. Of course it did not take long for Citibank to drop that feature, and of course they did not notify me as a customer that this change was coming or when it happened. Since there are no branches anywhere near where I live or work, I now have to pay to make deposits. This is one of a long list of offenses that led me to begin the process of changing banks.

So it has been a drag that to bank online means I have to pay for a stamp to mail in a check.

When my friend told me he scanned checks and that the scanner worked just fine on his Mac, I was pumped. Problem is, his bank is only available to military personnel or their families.

Well it looks like this feature may be coming to more banks soon! Read here for more info.

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