Portfolio Update 5/16/08: I'm On Fire

The WylieMoney 20 Mostly Managed portfolio caught spring fever in March and stated "I'm on Fire."

Remember how things looked back on March 7th, 2008?:

Back then, the WylieMoney Mostly Managed portfolio was -4.05% since May 1, 2007 and -7.35% year to date. This Friday, the WylieMoney portfolio was up 5.39% since May 1, 2007 and up 1.62% year to date. I'm not tracking from the lowest point to the highest only comparing the values I documented in these weekly updates (scroll to the bottom).

Trying to time the market is impossible. Who would have thought with oil spiking to $126 a barrel, continued trouble in housing, news reports about financial aid for college drying up, and personal credit issues coming to the forefront, that diversified portfolios would gain about 10% in just over 2 months?

Despite the weakest 1 week performance of the bunch, The WylieMoney 20 Mostly Managed portfolio has the highest return since this experiment began and the best return year-to-date.

It is interesting to note that the WylieMoney Slowly portfolio which invested in many of its funds when the markets were lower than May 1st, 2007 is still underperforming the WylieMoney 20. It would have been better to invest all $50,000 on May 1st 2007, despite the ugly ups and downs of the past 13 months, then try to dollar cost average into the same funds over that same period...

At least using these funds, over this time period, both indexing and dollar cost averaging have proven less successful than picking a group of mostly managed funds, and riding out the storm.

WylieMoney 20 Mostly Managed

WylieMoney Slowly

Lazy 20 Mostly Index

Three Fund Index

ETF 20

S&P 500

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