Fund of the Week: SWFFX Schwab Finacial Services

The top performing fund last week, from the funds in my mutual fund experiment and my own brokerage, was SWFFX Schwab Financial Services.

The remaining 9 funds in the top ten were from a variety of categories which is a little odd. Often, value or growth or specialty or real estate will have a good week and you will see the managed, Vanguard and ETF picks I made from one or two of those categories all in the top 10. This week, Growth, Value, Small, Large, Domestic, International, Specialty, Emerging, are all represented.

None of them are up a great deal more than the others and that is why I think the mix is so broad. Interestingly, most of the top funds are managed funds, not index offerings.

The worst performing fund was DJP iPath Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Index. The other Natural Resources investments I track round out the bottom three. The other sector that took a bit of a beating was Real Estate.

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