Fund of the Week: PRNEX T. Rowe Price New Era

Year to date, Emerging Markets funds have struggled after a very strong run, but they had a good week placing 4th, 3rd and 2nd in weekly performance. The top performing fund of the week was PRNEX T. Rowe Price New Era.

I hold PRNEX in my IRA. I did not choose it for the WylieMoney slowly portfolio since I did not choose Natural Resources as one of the Categories for my experiment.
Also it is not a no fee fund so one could not add small amounts to it on a regular basis, efficently.

Real Estate also had a good week as did Mid Cap Growth.

Top 10

Bonds struggled a bit as did DJP a "Natural Resource" ETN I added to my IRA this year. How can funds investing in Natural Resources be in the top 10 and bottom 10 at the same time?

DJP is a pure commodites play with a significant sector weighting in food. PRNEX is more of a energy/industrial materials play (scroll down to sector weightings). I added DJP to my IRA because it is different, but it is loosly lumped in the "Natural Resources" category.

Bottom 10

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