The Wylie portfolio vs Lazy and Kevin!

After yesterday's sell off, I went back and looked at the one day performance of my recommendations compared to the lazy portfolio. I anticipated that my managed funds (Well the NTIAX is an index fund but the others are managed) would have under performed Vanguard's low cost index funds. Now let me be clear- this is not an apples to apples comparison. My allocation is not invested in the same categories as the lazy portfolio. But if somone came to me and said- "I want to invest $10,000 in some mutual funds.., any funds worth researching?" These are the one's I would think about...

After realizing my funds did not lose as much, I ran the numbers on Kevin's actual allocation too.

I am not sure what this indicates exactly- the Vanguard funds invest very broadly so maybe this simply means that yesterday's sell off was very broad and that my funds were a little better positioned for this round. All my stock funds did better than the Vanguard stock funds but the real difference was my bond fund which is a not at all like the broad Vanguard bond fund of the lazy portfolio.

Anyway- not much use in looking at daily performance of funds for the kind of investing I am exploring- except to be sure you can stomach some sadness.

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