Tips for saving while keeping fit

Jonesy suggests: "Cancel the gym membership you never use and go for a run. Buy a set of used dumbells and exercise while you watch 24 and LOST."

and Sean adds: "You don't need the fancy equipment and gym clothing to sit in a chair and pump out a dozen bicep curls. A bit of a tangent, but when I still had my gym membership, I loved to go because they had tvs built into the cardio equipment. It was great for the winter, and it was a good motivator, too. 'If I stop now, I won't see the end of Seinfeld! Keep going!'"

"The other side of that is that I could never understand the people who would stand on a treadmill and flip channels for, literally, 5-10 minutes to find something good before starting up. You could have at least been walking! What a waste."
  • So to clarify- If you do not use your gym membership enough to justify the cost- cancel it and exercise at home. If going to the gym is important to you then do not cancel it to save money- instead, be sure you are not wasting time- or hogging the treadmill- by surfing and standing!
This also makes me think of another tip:
  • Be sure you are taking advantage of all the benefits of your health insurance.
Blue Cross (evil institution that they are- but that is another story) offers a $150 rebate per year if your membership costs at least that much.

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David Jones said...

do you know another great way of saving? cancel the phone you don't answer at 4:30 in the AM.