In honor of today's massive sell off, I'm changing the picture on my blog. The old picture is down on the right.

Ironically, the old picture was a bunker on top of Golden Gate Park North of San Fransisco. It's original purpose, I am told, was to serve as a guard post keeping an eye out for dangers from Asia during World War II.

The pundits say that part of today's bloodbath in US markets was due to a huge sell off in China's stock markets. So perhaps no-one was in the bunker...

Actually, if you look closer you can see clearly that there are people in the bunker:

I guess they do not know where the "Off" button for the Market is...

Anyway- my new picture is of a sunset behind the remnants of a forest fire in the Boundary waters Canoe Area. Every now and then, devastation rolls through. Hopefully new growth will come along more healthy and robust (and Green!) than before.

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Sean said...

Did computer problems contribute to an fear-induced exaggerated selloff?

Read this.