Year to Date Comparison- Funds I Sold and Bought in December

As I gear up to look at replacing a few funds to write of the losses against my taxes, I should look at the returns of the funds I sold and bought last time I did this.

Seven months is a very short period of time to compare mutual funds, but I still think it is worth it is worth sharing the actual performance impact of my decisions.

Here are the changes I made:

And here are the performances of each fund in the first 7 months of 2009. The Red fund is the fund I bought with the blue fund indicating the one I sold.

MGFIX had been slammed, waaaayyy underperforming its peers. Well it is significantly outperforming them on the rebound. The fund I bought has turned a nice profit for an intermediate term bond fund, up 7.41%, but the one I sold has gained 16.33% so far.

Emerging Markets have roared to life in 2009. Both funds are up about 45% year to date. The new fund I bought has a very slight lead, but the difference is insignificant.

Large CAp Value has had a nice rebound and the fund I sold is up almost 1% more than the fund I bought, but you can see that it sunk much farther back in March. If this category continues to do well, my old fund could outperform, but I bet if tings turn south AMANX will hold up a little better.

The small cap value fund I bought has done much better than the one I sold. RSEFX is up over 15% while JASCX is only up 7.62%.

So performance wise, one change was a loss, one a gain and two were negligible. All in all, I am up about what I would have been had I stayed put, but I saved thousands of dollars in taxes by selling the fuds at a loss, so all told, I came out way ahead.

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