Replacing the Real Estate Fund in My Taxable Account

There is some debate about whether it is a good idea to own Real Estate fund in a taxable account. The dividends are taxed at your income rate rather than the sometimes lower 15% capital gains tax rate. Of course if you have huge tax losses from selling funds at big losses, is this a factor?

I like holding a small percentage of my investments in real estate to add diversity. A lot of employer sponsored retirement plans don't offer real estate options so in addition to an IRA, adding a REIT to a taxable account may be the only other option for some seeking to diversify.

I currently own REACX and due to the implosion of the US economy and the hit to real estate in particular am sitting on a loss of over 50% in this fund. I dont want to get out of the category now. This fund is up over 30% in the last three months. Bt I do want to write off the tax loss and secure any potential gains in a better fund, if I can find one.

Going by Morningstar ratings, selling REACX is a no brainer. With a brand new manager, there is no history to go on either. And it looks like I have some solid no load no fee options available via Etrade.

1 year and 5 year performance backs up the decision.

STMDX Stratton Monthly Dividend REIT is the only other fund with expenses close to 1%. It also has the lowest turnover which is a big plus for a taxable account. The negative is that is is designed to generate income so the dividends will be higher.

With the lowest expenses, lowest turnover, best one and 3 year returns, STMDX Stratton Monthly Dividend REIT looks like a decent replacement for REACX American Century Real Estate.

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