Fund of the Week: VNQ Vanguard REIT Index ETF

VNQ Vanguard REIT Index ETF took a break from summer vacation last week to rack up a gain of 16.80%. That's a nice week's work. Of course it had been slacking and is still sitting on a big loss since I hypothetically invested in it.

Real Estate rocked across the board. Mid Cap funds and Financial companies also did well last week.

Bonds suffered with BTTRX American Century Target 2020 losing 5.07%.

Health care companies also struggled. Protesters across the country rallied hard to keep the government from being invloved in health care, arguing that it is far better to have private companies with profit as the primary motivator managing health care and deciding what will and will not be covered by insurance companies.

Nice job fellas.

I wonder if the loss in health care company stocks indicates that investors think the protests will be ignored...


CoachingByPeter said...

Many investors have strong feelings about real estate either for or against. It's better to stay only in those markets that are liquid that are easy to understand and deal with, and that offer an attractive compromise between risk and reward.

Mutual Fund said...

This is quite a dicey situation to decide on which market to invest. Lets hope for a better situation.