Next WylieMoney Slowly fund Category is Emerging Markets

When I first researched no load no fee mutual funds available through Etrade and was looking for an Emerging Markets fund, I choose SSEMX SSgA Emerging Mkt My Post.

SSEMX closed to new investors but even though Etrade does not know it yet (see above), it has reopened:

So I added it in with the other funds available through Etrade and there are 4 options:

SSEMX has the lowest expenses, but DREGX Driehaus Emerging Markets Growth has 5 stars. Unfortunately it looks like DREGX also has a new manager so past performance was acheived by someone else.

DREGX has outperformed SSEMX over the 3 year and 5 year periods, but is lagging a bit recently.

DREGX has much higher turnover meaning the tax hit is likley to be higher:

Also, DREGX has a $10,000 minimum initial investment which is above my cutoff for this experiment.

So even if it did not have high turnover and a new manager, I would not pick it.

SSEMX is the pick and I'll add it to the WylieMoney Slowly portfolio the first day that markets tank in August.

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