Find of the Week: VBR Vanguard Small Cap Value

Of the close to 100 funds I track in my mutual fund portfolio competition, none of the funds posted as strong a rise as Small Cap Value - VBR Vanguard Small Cap Value, up 2.67%.

The other 9 funds rounding out the top ten are all small or mid cap funds.

The worst one week performance was -3.90% posted by HIINX Harbor International My Post. The other 9 funds that struggled are all Foreign equity funds.

Perhaps investors watched Russia invade Georgia and decided international markets are not worth the risk (unless you are siding with Russia) and watched Phelps win 8 gold medals and said, American will power is were it's at!

Or more likely, international markets have been on fire and small caps have struggled and investors are taking profits and looking for the next big (little) thing.

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