Portfolio Update: 4/18/08: Lovely Day

Friday was a lovely day at the end of a lovely week.

I'm adding a new feature to the weekly update. I loaded the 100 or so funds (and a few stocks) that I track in the 8 portfolios I compare, into one list at Morningstar. Now I can easily show the best and worst performing funds from the previous week.

This week, PRNEX T. Rowe Price New Era, a fund I own in an IRA was up 8.14%. This fund has been on a tear since last may, up 37.17% since then.

The worst performing funds were all bond funds. The worst performing fund was BTTRX American Century Target 2025 My Post. I own this in My Brokerage where is has been among the best performing funds since May 1st and have it in both WylieMoney portfolios.

All the portfolios showed solid gains last week.

Last week, My Brokerage and the WylieMoney Slowly Portfolio were tied. WylieMoney Slowly broke away to secure second place. The ETF portfolio had been making up ground this year but lagged this week and still kinda stinks, although it is beating my IRA.

WylieMoney 20 Mostly Managed

WylieMoney Slowly

Lazy 20 Mostly Index

Three Fund Index

ETF 20

S&P 500

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