Portfolio Update 4/11/08: Contrarian

Last Friday, as the Dow collapsed, led by GE's 12.79% decline, I decided to be a contrarian. Most everyone was selling, but not me:

"Volume on the New York Stock Exchange topped 3.6 billion shares, with decliners outpacing advancing stocks more than 3 to 1. On the Nasdaq, more than 1.8 billion shares were exchanged, and declining issues outnumbered advancers roughly 4 to 1."

Not only did I add HIINX Harbor International to the hypothetical WylieMoney Slowly portfolio, I finally invested my 2007 Roth IRA contribution. I also added to some funds in my brokerage account.

The DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 were all down 2% or more on Friday but the WylieMoney Mostly Managed portfolio was down less than 1%. This portfolio has outperformed all the portfolios I track during a volatile market trending downward over the last 11 1/2 months.

Adding $2500 to the WylieMoney Slowly portfolio on Friday brought that portfolio into a tie for second place with My Brokerage account since the $2500 I added has yet to decline!

WylieMoney 20 Mostly Managed
WylieMoney Slowly
Lazy 20 Mostly Index
Three Fund Index
ETF 20
S&P 500

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