My Brokerage and My Roth IRA

Recent comments on my blog inspired me to think about whether I recommend the investment strategy I am using for the investment portfolio experiment I have been working on for about a year.

A simple question that came up as I thought about that is, should I follow this strategy? I started investing in my brokerage account back in 1994. One day I'll tell that story -how I first got burned by a bank, then by Janus (which really means I burned myself!). That story explains a lot about how I but this strategy together.

But for now, I am going to add my investment accounts to the 'competition' so I can compare them to the hypothetical accounts I have been tracking. I do not follow this strategy exactly, but if a hypothetical portfolio blows my accounts away, I want to know about it!

Below are the holdings in my brokerage account and my IRA. I went back and determined the value of all holdings on May 1st and used the value of each holding on that date for the views below. So the Gain/Loss since purchase is the Gain/Loss since May 1st, not since I actually purchased them. This is so I can easily compare them to the hypothetical portfolios.

Click image for a larger view:

I bought Best Buy back in the 90's and it is up over 130% since then. Too bad I only invested in a few shares! I bought Janus Enterprise on March 6th, 2000. Allow me do demonstrate what a train wreck that's been:

You've got to be impressed with my timing!

When I post the update for this past week, I'll include these accounts in the mix. You'll see I've learned a thing or two. Over the years I held on to JAENX and added to it as it struggled and diversified beyond Janus. Both year to date and since May, my Brokerage has beat the index and ETF portfolios despite the fact that one of my largest holdings is BXP which is down over 5% since May and down for the year as well!

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