New "Really Lazy" Portfolio takes lead!

What a day!

I added the two new portfolios as promised, but I do not have data from the specific days I recorded in the past so, the chart will look a little funny until some more time passes...

Since I first, hypothetically invested on 5/01/07, the Three Index Fund portfolio has done the best, earning 4.83%.

During today's burst of energy, the SPY ETF tracking the S&P500 was the top performer. We shall see how the rest of the world reacts tomorrow. I bet the SPY 'portfolio' continues to lag YTD once the foreign holdings in all the other portfolios respond to today's domestic performance.

The ETF portfolio, strangely, is still the strongest performer YTD but is the second weakest performer of the bunch since I bought in May.

I added BTTRX to the WylieMoney Slowly account, like I promised.

And last but not least, the WylieMoney portfolio continues to do better than the matched Lazy portfolio of 20 index funds, but is not in the lead in any one category...

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