Next WylieMoney Slowly Fund: MIOFX Marsico International Opportunities

As we move into June, it is time to add the 14th fund to the WylieMoney Slowly portfolio. The 14th category I picked was Foreign Large Cap Growth. My original pick was JAOSX Janus Overseas My Post. Unfortunately, this fund is closed to new investors. The options available all have significantly higher expenses and have not come close to the performance of JAOSX over 1 year, 3 years or 5 years.

That said, this has still been a strong category. There appear to be three top options based on one year and 5 year records.

The top three all have pretty high turnover which is not great for a taxable portfolio and have a lot of their portfolio invested in their top 10 holdings which means there is less diversity than one might hope.

Etrade lists one of the funds expense ratio at 15.14%.

Wondering if this is bad information, I looked up the fund on Morningstar and find that the expense ratio is actually 1.5%. Much more reasonable, but still not great.
I then checked the other two top performing funds in my list and Etrade has a different expense ratio for both of those funds as well. The top performing funds' expenses appear to be 1.37%, not 1.42%.

Harbor International Growth's expenses were only off by .01%, but it is still odd that Etrade appears to have this wrong.

I already picked a Harbor International fund for the Foreign Large Value category My Post so I am going to go with MIOFX Marsico International Opportunities. So the first day in June that Equities take a beating, I'll add MIOFX to the WylieMoney Slowly Portfolio.

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