Fund of Last Week... DJP iPath Dow Jones-AIG Commodity (yet again)

So far, the fund of the week updates I have been giving have been kinda boring. DJP iPath Dow Jones-AIG Commodity wins yet again. Yawn. Sure, I'm glad that I bought a fund this year that is already up over 10%. But it is such a small percentage of my IRAs, that it is hard to really get excited about it.

Fortunatley, the worst fund of the week is different almost every week. Last week JSVAX, Janus Contrarian lost over 4% making it the biggest stinker. 5 stars means strong returns relative to risk. Well this fund has had VERY strong returns, and is a bit risky and some of that risk is now manifesting as pain. JSVAX is not scared of emerging markets and you can see that Vanguard's emerging market index fund was also in the bottom 10.

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