Victory Parade

I missed the boat! I have been adding a new mutual fund each month to one of the hypothetical portfolios I track as part of an experiment to compare Lazy portfolios (Index investing), ETFs, and low cost managed funds.

I try to research whether the fund I originally picked for the WylieMoney 20 Mostly Managed portfolio is still the best option available through Etrade. Then I add it on the first significantly down day of the month.

Well Nov. 1st was the day to buy, but I had not reconfirmed my pick, and did not 'buy.' You see, I have been busy. What with Halloween, New England sports and an upcoming trip to Greece, and fall yard work, I've been... distracted.

One of the benefits to having a system in place, however, is that it is easy to just pick up and carry on. So this weekend I'll revisit NTF (no transaction fee/load) Mid Cap Growth funds available through Etrade. A quick glance last night revealed that Janus Enterprise JAENX may not be the best option. Then on the first down day after I confirm my pick, I'll add the fund to the WylieMoney Slowly Portfolio.

I will also analyze the first 6 months of this experiment.

To give you an indication of how the portfolios compared over the first 6 months, the WylieMoney 20 Portfolio was like the Red Sox- Strong in the beginning, a little worrisome towards the end and then dominate when it mattered.

The Lazy Portfolios were like the Rockies- A worthy opponent especially down the stretch, but easily beaten, despite all the hype.

The ETF portfolio was like the Indians- You thought they had a chance, but they just didn't.

The S&P 500 was like the Yankees- You might pick them because they've has done well before, but they just could not get it together this year.

The WylieMoney... I mean Red Sox parade!

Beckett knows what's up...



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