Mostly Managed vs 'Lazy' Vanguard Index funds

I promised weekly updates and failed. I'll try and come up with a good system I can keep on top of.

My negligence is not due to shame from the WylieMoney portfolio lagging behind. Far from it. Not only is the Wylie portfolio ahead since I 'hypothetically invested' in it, it has pulled ahead of the lazy portfolio year-to-date as well. Also, I realized that the reason the ETF portfolio appeared to be ahead of all the portfolios was that a few of the options, including two of the Bond funds, have not existed for a year and were being left out of the calculation so I am leaving out the ETF YTD number.

I included today's performance as well. The one-fund WylieMoney Slowly 'portfolio' is way ahead both year to date and since I 'invested' but note that its loss today is over twice that of the more balanced portfolios. And when I add the second fund in June, a Global Equity fund, I do not anticipate it will settle down...

Here are the details of each Portfolio. Click the image for a larger view:


WylieMoney Slowly



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