Managed funds beat index funds and ETFs!

Nice title eh?

On 5/01/07 I hypothetically invested in a portfolio of mutual funds you can buy through a single brokerage for no commissions with a $2500 minimum in each. For comparison I invested in corresponding portfolios of Vanguard Index Funds- the "Lazy Portfolio" (which you can't do- they require $3000 each to start) and ETFs (which require commissions). I also invested in a single fund from the 20 mutual funds and plan to add an additional fund each month for 20 months.

I have not decided how often I will provide updates or in what format exactly so for now I will keep it simple and once a week.

For the first week, the Wyliemoney portfolio of mostly managed mutual funds, available through Etrade, beat the Index and ETF portfolios. Note that year-to-date, the ETF and Index portfolios win. I am not paying too much attention to the single fund or "Wyliemoney Slowly" portfolio until I add a few more funds.

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