Non-Retirement: Inflation Protected Bond Mutual Fund

Wylie Pick: American Century Inflation Adjusted Bond inv ACITX

Selecting from mutual funds available through Etrade with no load or transaction fee and an initial $2500 investment or lower minimum and subsequent $100 or lower minimums, when looking for an inflation protected bond fund, I use the Mutual fund screener and find one.

Back in November of last year I started this project. This is the 20th fund and it is the last pick for this portfolio.

It looks pretty average all around. Expenses are a fairly low 0.49%. It gets three stars- average returns with average risk.

Actually if you look at it using Morningstar, it looks like it is slightly ahead of its category and its peers. Regardless, we are not talking about spectacular returns. Hopefully it will stay average. If this category performs really well, that will likely mean that inflation is out of control and that might be good for this fund, but the rest of the funds, not to mention the economy might be less amused.

So there is only one option, but it serves our need so ACITX is the pick!

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