Fund of the Week: PNRZX Jennison Natural Resources

PNRZX Jennison Natural Resources was up 11.01% last week. Not bad for a week's "work."

Natural Resource Funds led the way with growth, value, and blend and small and large cap funds all taking a place in the top 10, along with one Emerging Market fund. Year to date all these funds are up now, but since May 1, 2007, they are all still down sharply.

In contrast, the bottom 10 funds, from the funds I track, have all posted gains since May 1, 2007 but all lost value last week and half have lost value year to date. Bond funds are slipping and BTTRX American Century Target 2025, one of the strongest performers since May 07, lost the most, down 6.01% in one week.

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