Portfolio Update 5/1/09: Two Years In

We've certainly seen a strong rally over the last few weeks. Of course my hypothetical investments have lost a lot of money since I invested them exactly 2 years ago last Friday.

The portfolio I invested one fund at a time for 20 months (WylieMoney Slowly) has held up a little better, but the remarkable thing is that the portfolio of mostly managed funds (WylieMoney), the portfolio of ETFs and the portfolio of mostly index funds (Lazy 20), all invested in the same fund categories, have all performed within just over 1% of each other falling basically -30% over 24 months. They have not tracked each other this closely throughout the 2 years. You can see that year to date, they have over a 2% spread, and that is just the last 5 months.

The other remarkable thing is that several of the portfolios are up this year. Personally, I think April will prove to be the cruelest month by giving us hope and the recent rebound will not last. But I've been wrong before...

WylieMoney Slowly

WylieMoney Mostly Managed

ETF 20

Lazy 20 Mostly Index

Three Fund Index

S&P 500

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