Fund of the Week: MGFIX Managers Bond (Which I sold two weeks ago...)

MGFIX Managers Bond fund gained 3.03% and had the best one week performance of all 100 funds (give or take a few) in my experiment. I actually owned this one, but sold it at the end of 2008 as it has seriously lagged its peers since I purchased it and I wanted to sell some losers to write the taxes off against capital gains and income.

The fund I bought, TGMNX TCW Total Return Bond N did ok, gaining 1.49% in the week.

That would have put it in the top 10 funds this week, but still is only half as good as the performance Manager's Bond put up. The other 9 funds in the top 10 were all bond funds.

Real Estate took another hit and the other losers were all over the map. SSREX SSGA Tuckerman Active REIT dropped the most losing -7.65%. Not even 10 days into 2009, it is already down over 10% since Jan. 1st.

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