Portfolio Update: 12/21/07 0% is better than a loss

The S&P 500 portfolio as represented by the ETF SPY, had a strong enough run to pull ahead of a diverse portfolio of 20 ETFs. Will S&P hold on to its 0.03% lead? The ETF 20 portfolio has climbed back from a loss to a solid 0%. The tension is intense...

A Week and one trading day to go!

Actually, an interesting change this week is the fall of the Lazy 20 Portfolio. The WylieMoney Slowly and My Roth IRA both jumped past the Lazy Index fund portfolio. I'm wary to make too much of any of these snapshots in December as any given day can see several funds making year end capital gains distributions and that can seriously throw the one day performance average. We'll see how things stand next week.

This graph representing performance since May shows a lot of swing, but a flat ending. Year to date, most of the portfolios were up around an average 9-11%.

WylieMoney 20 Mostly Managed

Three Fund Index

WylieMoney Slowly

Lazy 20 Mostly Index

S&P 500

ETF 20

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