Ummm Etrade... anybody there?

I went in to Etrade's Boston branch with a customer service question on May 25th, 2007.

Mutual Funds allow different amounts for "Additional Minimum Investments" and "Additional AIP Minimum Investments." Morningstar.com lists these differences and lists Etrade as a provider for which these minimums apply.

I tried to set up an AIP for SSEMX through Etrade's website and was told the minimum I needed to invest in the AIP was $1000, not the $100 listed on Morningstar's site. I called Etrade and was told that as soon as I paid the additional $1000 on top of the $2500 I already invested when I first bought the fund, THEN I would be able to lower the AIP to $100.

I then did research and other funds I own did not charge me an additinonal "Initial AIP Minimum", if I already owned the fund so what I was told was not consistently true in the interface.

So like I said, I went to the Branch office on 5/25/07 and explained the issue to a representative who understood, agreed that the answer I got over the phone was not consistent with what we saw in the interface and forwarded the question to people people who would be able to figure out what is going on.

I have yet to get a follow up.

I called the Boston Branch phone number a couple of times but have yet to reach a person. Today I left a message. Then I called Etrade's main customer service line and got a customer service rep who looked up the extension of the person I spoke with at the downtown Boston branch and gave it to me and I called that number and left a message.

Please call me and let me know the answer to my question- Why can't I set up an AIP plan using my funds "Additional AIP Minimum" amount of $100?

FYI- the AIP page on Etrade's site says "Automatic investments require a minimum investment of $100 or the fund minimum, whichever is greater."

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